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Intermittent fasting is nothing more than the tendency to have a restrictive diet in terms of the time that must exist between meals, which translates into forcing a caloric deficit, by not receiving food for long periods, the body resorts to burning the calories in reserve (fat), which inevitably leads to a decrease in the percentage of body fat.

The Industrial Revolution of the mid-19th century regularized "working hours" and workers needed to adopt an early meal to maintain energy during the workday.

At that time, breakfast made a lot of sense, since large amounts of energy were invested throughout the day, But a big part of the popularity of breakfast was due to marketing campaigns that sold breakfast as the "most important meal of the day" because having breakfast makes you more productive, in a society focused on producing, it was beneficial.

Today we spend less energy, we lead sedentary lives, and as if that were not enough, food products are highly caloric, we are constantly ingesting fuel that we do not need, and that our body tends to store.

Something relevant to consider for those who want to tone their body or lose weight in general, is the fact that constantly ingesting calories, indicates to your body that you are in a situation of "abundance". Thousands of years have passed during which the human body has evolved. Even if you are not aware of it, your body makes decisions in favor of self-preservation, you simply cannot stop breathing, your body will force you to do it, you have no control of your body although It seems that if, and one of the decisions that your body makes, is the administration of energy if there is a lot of food, your body will make sure to store the greatest amount of energy in the form of fat in case food becomes scarce in the future, you have no control over it, your body acts automatically to preserve itself even without you wanting it.

Is fasting healthy? Well, that depends entirely on the person, each body has unique needs, only a nutrition professional can generate an efficient intermittent fasting program, from Treasure Drive Fitness we recommend never making any drastic change in your diet without consulting with a professional first, however, There are things you can try without risk, such as reducing your caloric intake as much as possible in the morning, always keep in mind that it is not normal to feel discomfort, so any practice that makes you feel sick should be abandoned with immediacy.

Culture and biology often do not go hand in hand, so it is good to investigate how your body works beyond popular beliefs!


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