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People believe that to achieve a certain look, they should be exercising every day for several hours without resting, but this is a myth, for example, the CDC recommends that adults get 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week; what could be defined as a medium intensity walk. The CDC also suggests combining cardiovascular activities with two days of weekly strength training, working for all the major muscle groups. You will not look like "The Rock", but if you want to be healthy it is more than enough.

Healthy body should not necessarily look like that of a comic book superhero, for a normal person, a body fat index of less than 24% in men and less than 30% in women is recommended, and a mass index muscle between 18 and 24 points, something that is very far from the physique of Henry Cavill in the last Superman movie, In the particular case of actors and actresses on the big screen, they not only train to be healthy, they fit a specific body appearance standard, since their characters are often literally gods, to stay in this appearance canon they must perform exhaustive training and diets that are only justified by the millions of dollars they charge in each film. Many of them At the end of their filming, show up on the beach with completely different bodies from the one they showed on the screen, some even with a rather pronounced belly, keep the lifestyle that they maintain during filming permanently presents enormous physical and mental exhaustion, so if you want to look like a superhero you must prepare to change your life completely.

But, and if you don't want to have the body of Dwayne Jhonson but still have an aesthetically attractive body, it is much simpler, with 4 days a week that you train will be more than enough, of course, you can optimize your training to the maximum if you hire a personal trainer, but in the specific case that you want to train on your own, with 4 days interspersing resting days will be enough, it is important that you combine training with a good diet, and that you perform a wide variety of exercises, you know, do not forget the leg day, and above all, includes mobility and flexibility work on your routine.


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