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To start the conversation about muscle development, the first step is to understand how your body's motor system works, muscles are structures or tissues that can generate movement by contracting and relaxing, these are made up of specialized cells called myocytes that have the property of increasing or decreasing their length when they are stimulated by electrical impulses from the nervous system. This structure and its functionality allow the much-desired muscle hypertrophy, thanks to subjecting the muscles to activities that take them to the limit of their capacity, they gain strength and resistance by breaking and repairing the fibers that make up the organ, which increases its size, it is a common mistake to think that the fibers multiply, they only grow, the number of fibers is not related to this process.

The understanding of the process is important because it helps to make training more efficient, the objective of lifting weights is to force the muscle to break and repair itself, if you are not taking your body to its limit when exercising, your body will not require to adapt, your muscles will not break, and you will only be wasting your time, on the contrary, if you take your body to its limit and maintain that rhythm for a while, you will be able to obtain better results in much less time, let's take an example.

Knowing that our muscles increase in size to adapt to more demanding activities, it is easy to optimize our training routine, the trick is to push our body to the limit, and keep it there for as long as possible, this will break the fibers of our muscles, it will make our heart improve its performance, and it will adjust many other systems that seem not to be related to exercise, but that still play an important role, such as the endocrine or digestive systems.

Food is very important throughout this process, your body will not only spend more energy during and after exercise, but it will also need a lot of protein to be able to repair muscle cells, in addition to protein many other necessary nutrients are scarce in your system will greatly slow down the achievement of the objectives set, so planning and complying with a good diet is essential.

Finally, it is important to understand the role of hormones in muscle development, such as testosterone, even though it can be ingested pharmacologically (a practice that we DO NOT PROMOTE at treasure drive fitness due to the impact of its side effects on health) your genetics greatly influences this factor, and you may suffer from conditions that keep your testosterone level low, if so, going to a professional is essential, as it can make it difficult to build muscle mass.




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