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Where to begin?

It may sound easy to create an exercise routine, there are even many on the internet, such as one of our free programs that you can join by clicking here, but the generic thing does not always work as it should, you can take months trying routines until you finally get the one that produces results for you, it is very common to hear comments such as "I have exercised for 3 months and instead of losing weight I have gained a few pounds", your exercise routine must be well thought out, always aiming towards specific objectives.

So how should I start to build my routine? The answer is simple: define the time. It is useless to create a routine that you are not going to comply with, a good exercise routine must be able to adapt to your lifestyle, so the first step is to define the duration time.

Let's use as an example that you designate 30 minutes a day 3 days a week to exercise.

I already defined the time, what's next? The goals.

You must have clear objectives, this will help you set goals and measure your progress. How to define them? Simple, time is also the answer, in this case, set a goal and set an estimated time, for example, do you want to lose 1.10 pounds a week? Or if you prefer to measure it month by month, how about 2kg per month? now, you have your goal defined, so you can easily measure it, if you did not lose the expected weight, you will know that those donuts that you eat at the office are not sugar-free. Remember to inform yourself very well about what is healthy for you, the most important thing when exercising is health, if your height and age designate an optimal weight range between 110 lb to 176 lb, do not try to go down to 88!

We have the time and the direction, now comes the fun part, The exercises!

Ok, this is the part that everyone is interested in, and it is also the most important. From TDF we clarify that consulting with a professional is always the best option, also with our premium plan you get an exercise routine designed by a professional free! , but if you have confidence in yourself, we will tell you below what you should consider:

First, your physical condition!

You must know well the limitations of your body, for example, if you are 30 kg overweight, you will destroy your joints when trying to do dynamic exercises, or for example, if you had a shoulder injury or have deficit nutrition, you could end up in the hospital, in general, if something hurts you, or makes you feel physically bad, you are probably harming your body.

Second, your age!

If you are young, your body is probably still developing, subjecting it to enormous loads of effort could irreparably damage it, it is similar when you are over a certain age range, you have different limitations because the body does not regenerate in the same way.

Third, your gender!

Structurally, a woman's body is different from a man's body. Women are 2.7- 3.9 in shorter than men, weigh about 22 lb less, and have 8.8-13 lb more fat, men have more muscle mass, They have longer limbs and a broader torso due to their more distanced shoulders, and hormones play a big role when it comes to physical training.

Fourth Your goals!

Moderate physical activity is generally beneficial for health, but if your intention is, for example, to decrease sizes, doing bodybuilding will have adverse effects, because they will increase in size, and if you desire to increase muscle mass, burn too many calories doing cardio, it may not be ideal.

Fifth and last!

Will! How willing are you to exercise? Wanting results is very different from accepting the process, if you are going to consider a routine, you must make sure you have the will to follow it religiously, be realistic with the repetitions or minutes per exercise, if you underestimate yourself when defining it you can always increase them during the process.

And now, you only have to define what to do, how many times you will do it or for how many minutes, and voila!.

Complement your training with adequate food to your needs and Train strong until the end.


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